Mike Edholm, cartoonist, illustrator, writer

Award-winning graphic designer, illustrator, writer, and cartoonist, Mike Edholm, began his career in the visual arts during his teenage years.  In 1977, he submitted his first cartoon to Road & Track magazine.  That piece appeared in the 30th anniversary issue of the magazine. Following that one submission, his cartoons made regular appearances in the pages of Road & Track as well as Skin Diver magazine from Petersen Publishing in Los Angeles.

Today, Mike’s cartoons and illustrations can been seen in books and magazines, printed calendars and posters, graphic novels, and comic books.  He is finishing the comic book, UNDERCOVER COCKROACH, SECRET AGENT 69, with creators and writers, Shea E. Butler and Cheryl Cain. 
From their script, Mike created the characters and designed, penciled and inked the majority of the pages of the book. UNDERCOVER COCKROACH will be released at the 2011 Comic-Con International. He is currently developing a book for his characters, MARTIANS…THE SEARCH FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE, and a comic strip for his original story, ENDANGERED SPECIES.

His graphic design and art direction work has appeared across the country and internationally in design competition.